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And.... We're off!

What a year it’s been. We downed tools in the Cotswolds as the first lockdown was announced, moved house just before the 2nd and here we are launching Mapowders Training at the end of the third, and hopefully final, lockdown!

After many years of visiting Cornwall and a few owning a holiday lodge, we made the life changing decision to move and can not believe how perfect our new place is.

Mapowders Farm dates back to the 1800’s and has all the facilities we wanted to run our own dog training business. We have 3 acres of grounds and paddocks. The final bits of fencing and paddock works are nearly completed. The website and social media are live. The business cards and signs are hot off the press. We are so excited to have already booked new clients in for their first sessions . Mapowders Training is up and running….full steam ahead!

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will also be in a position to start offering small group lessons. The only stipulation is that anyone wanting to join group classes must have an initial 1-2-1 assessment lesson. This is to make sure that both the handler and dog have the basics in place for the additional distractions that group work offers. Our group classes are usually between 4 and 6 handlers and work on developing your dog and handler skills for the real world environment.

We have lots of other exciting plans in the pipeline so watch this space for further updates!!!!

Keep Training !!

Michelle & Dean

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