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Eunice 3 - Mapowders 0

Like a lot of people here in Bude, we have experience a fair bit of damage from storms Eunice & Franklin. Our new lodge roof was pealed off like an orange skin and deposited all over the paddocks and yard. At the height of the first storm, the flying roof shingles broke a few things and were extremely dangerous so we wisely took shelter in the house. However, as we watched, our lovely Mapowders field shelter was picked up like a toy by a massive gust and deposited in the adjoining paddock, smashing it to pieces. We also suffered from some damage to the thatch on the cottage, a broken tile or two and other sundry broken gutters and pipes.

Having put loads of love and effort into building Mapowders Training, we felt powerless and heartbroken as we watched this unfold. However, as I write, we have tidied up the worst of it and everything is repairable, no human or dog was hurt and thanks to local hero tradespeople, we are mostly waterproof until the repairs can begin. There are many people in a more difficult situation than us so we are truly thankful it wasn't worse.

We will be restarting training as soon as we make all the damage safe for two and four-legged clients so just give us a call if you want to book training or the secure field. Bring a wooly hat though as our shelter has had it!

Dean & Michelle x

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