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What Clients Are Saying

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.


I have had the pleasure of training both my fox reds with Michelle. Both times have been unforgettably fun and rewarding experiences. 

If you fancy a morning of meeting others, watching yours and other puppies grow and develop, with stimulating courses and laughs along the way, Michelle is the one .

A well trained dog is down to an informed, well trained owner and the advice, the explanations, the handouts for developing a skill and taking it further, are invaluable in training your dog to be the best it can be. 

When there are hiccups, or setbacks, Michelle is there to support. You are not alone in your journey with your puppy. 

I have two labs that we love, are intelligent, sociable, biddable and who everyone in the community adores. I could not have achieved that without the guidance and encouragement from Michelle.

Thank you Michelle. We are indebted.

Fee (and Teddy)

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